2017 Hair Trends by Celebrities You Can Follow

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Celebrities love to spark off trends and they are not giving up on their favourite hobby in 2017. In this post, I will be talking about the latest hair trends by celebrities who are giving us all serious hair inspiration. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Blonde to brown

Women with lighter hair often look amazing when they opt for darker hair colours. The first in the row is Paris Jackson. She said goodbye to her golden hair with a brand new dark brown colour. The hair color is in sharp contrast to her light blue eyes and she is looking fabulous. Elle Fanning also waved goodbye to her lighter locks when she opted for dark chestnut brown colour instead.

Brown to blonde

Kim Kardashian recently ditched her dark hair for platinum blonde and she is looking stunning. Her drastic hair colour change has me inspired for some change in hair colour too. I love the way she rocks her new color with confidence. But wait, she is not the only one who has opted for the lighter locks. Even Solange Knowles went ahead for a platinum blonde makeover and she is looking fiercer than ever.

Getting a Long Bob

The lob is more popular thanks to the Middleton sisters. When Princess Kate went for a sleek, chopped shoulder length updo, she looked every bit of a classy elite woman as she is. Her little sister Pippa is not leaving any stones unturned to fill in her big sister’s shoes. After marriage, she has also chomped her locks for a straight lob that makes her looks more graceful than ever.

Aqua colors

Rihanna always does something new and this time she went in for a striking aqua blue hair colour. Her hair looked fabulous in this unusual colour and she rocked it in style. I wonder if anyone else can pull this colour off like Rihanna did. If you are adventurous with colours, try this one.

Purple Streaks

Halle Berry is a strong, independent woman who is making me feel magically inspired with her fitness and skin at the age of 51. By the way, this is not the only good thing about her at this time. She recently went all-in for purple streaks in her poker straight hair which made her look like a boho diva. I can’t believe she is over 51. It looks like she is ageing backwards and I am feeling so good just looking at her.

Real flowers in the hair

Jennifer Lawrence is my girl crush. She manages to look innocent, beautiful, and confident at the same time. I can’t help but follow all her fashion statements. She recently came out looking like a stunning natural diva wearing real flowers on her beautiful updo. She looked so stunning that I am trying to recreate her look on my next outing with my girls. I am sure it will look fab.

These were the celebrities who are giving me hair colour inspiration. Who is your inspiration? Let me know in the comments.

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