3 Perfumes For 3 Occasions

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I love my perfumes. A perfect fragrance could be all you need when it comes to finishing your look. I have a wide range of perfumes and love to keep one handy always. Today I am bringing a list of three perfumes that you can use for three occasions.

Perfumes like Chanel No. 5 are fit for a diva and will likely assist you in creating an aura of ‘the high life’ in any given situation. While such perfumes should always be a part of your fragrance kitty, you should also keep a few perfumes especially for a few occasions. Let’s talk about my favourite perfumes that you will love for sure. Keep reading girls!

Perfume for a date night: Marc Jacobs Oh Lola!

If this is your first date and you are feeling like a princess, the Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! Perfume is your perfect partner for the night. This fun and fruity perfumes give off a very flirtatious vibe. There is nothing better for a date night. I love this perfume because of its fun and fresh smell. Whether you are going for a movie date or a dinner date, this perfume will never disappoint you.

I have personally used this perfume on a date and I received many compliments, even from strangers. Now, this is one perfume I will never let go of. I love the fact that this perfume lasts long. I also think that the smell of this perfume makes you feel fresh and flirtatious, which is very essential for a date night.

The bottle of the perfume is also beautiful. It looks like a pretty, little flower. Try it to know how beautiful it is.

Perfume for office: Chanel No. 19

If you are looking for the perfect perfume for office or any formal occasion, the Chanel No. 19 should be your choice. This is the favourite perfume of many working women I know. This perfume has a beautiful smell that will freshen up any wardrobe. In fact, whenever I think about business suits and pencil skirts, this is the only perfume I can think of. It has musk tones which blend perfectly into any office environment. I think that perfumes you wear to offices, meetings or any other formal settings should not be too fruity. Such smells are good for dates and romantic settings. You can even opt for unisex perfumes. They are usually lighter and wear for a long time as well.

Perfume for making a statement: Chanel Coco

If you are going to attend an event or a party, especially one where you must look your best, Chanel Coco should be your perfume or choice. This perfume makes you look and feel like a diva. It gives you a unique and confident appeal. If you are wearing this perfume, you can be sure that you will make heads turn.

I suggest all bombshells to keep this perfume with them forever. Just a small dash of this perfume is certainly going to make you feel like you are walking on red carpet. Nothing better than this!

Now you have a list of 3 perfumes that you can use for 3 different occasions. Isn’t it great? Keep following me to know more about some classy perfumes and my beauty, style, and travel tips.

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