3 Reasons to Buy a Double Adjustable Bed Even if You’re Sleeping Alone

If you suffer from mobility problems, an adjustable bed should be able to help you sleep without any aches and pains. You’ll find single or double adjustable beds, and you might be telling yourself a single is all you need if you happen to be sleeping alone. However, here are just three reasons why a double is always the better choice.

1. More Space to Spread Out

If you suffer from mobility problems, you’ll probably find it harder to get to sleep and stay asleep. An adjustable bed can help you get the rest you need. Going one step further by choosing a double over a single can provide further assistance. After all, you’ll have more room to spread out as you sleep, making for a more relaxing night.

2. Easy-to-Reach Storage Space

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that people with mobility problems often need to spend more time in bed. If you’re having a particularly bad day, you might want to stay between the sheets longer instead of placing strain on your body. It’s even possible you’ll be confined to bed for days or weeks at a time. If that ever happens, you’ll be glad you have a double since all that extra space can be used to stack up everything you’ll need through the day. Adjustable doubles adjust from the middle as two separate beds, so you’ll be able to adjust support without knocking things over.

3. Less Chance of Falls

Falling out of bed isn’t something that happens too often, but it’s always a possibility. While such an accident can be uncomfortable for anyone, it’s particularly problematic for people who suffer from mobility problems. Your body is probably more vulnerable to falling-related injuries, and you may find it hard to pick yourself up after such a fall. Even if you don’t actually fall, an arm or leg could dangle over the edge while you sleep, cutting off blood flow to cause discomfort when you wake. Going for a double bed instead of a single cuts down on the likelihood of that happening.

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