3 Reasons to Choose a Bonded Retainer

If your teeth are crooked, you may benefit from wearing a retainer. The retainers most people are familiar with are attached to plastic trays that you can take in and out of your mouth at will. These work well, but you might also want to consider a bonded retainer, and here are just three reasons why.

1. Nobody Will Be Able to See

Bonded retainers, which are sometimes known as permanent or fixed retainers, consist of a wire that is glued to the back of the teeth. Some bonded retainers are cemented to each tooth, while others are attached only to the two at the ends of the retainer. In any case, bonded retainers are extremely inconspicuous. Unless you tilt your head while looking in the mirror, you won’t be able to see them. This is a tempting benefit since most people dislike the idea of wearing a visible retainer.

2. Your Results Will Last  

Traditional retainers will generally be worn for a few months to a few years – it all depends on how long will be needed to achieve the desired results. Once you stop wearing a removable retainer, your teeth may start to move back into a slightly crooked orientation. They won’t be as bad as they once were, but this is still a problem, especially if your wisdom teeth come in after the retainer is lost. Bonded retainers can be worn for years, so your results will be permanent.

3. No Worries About Throwing Your Retainer Out

You never think it’ll happen to you, but the truth is that people lose their retainers every day. It’s easy enough to take it out when you go to a restaurant or accidently throw it in with the rubbish. If you do, you’ll need to pay for a whole new retainer, and they can cost a pretty penny. When you wear a bonded retainer, this just isn’t an issue.

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