3 Ways to Capture Better Quality Fashion Videos

Whether you’re recording a video of a catwalk show, fashion shoot, or just an OOTD video of your look – you’re going to want the video quality to be top notch. It may surprise you but contrary to popular belief you don’t need an expensive or professional video camera to do that, and you can capture better quality fashion videos with the right approach.

To be more specific, here are 3 ways that you should use to improve the quality of your fashion videos:

  • Use a stand

One of the most important steps you can take is to ensure your camera is steady – and there is no better way to do that than by using a stand. Not only will a stand keep your camera stable, but it will also prevent any shakiness that is hard to avoid when holding a camera in your hands.

The one limitation of using a stand is that you won’t be able to move around and record – but that is often not a big deal considering most fashion videos are recorded from static locations. Having a stand that is able to pan may be good however.

  • Get closer

The closer you are to the subject that you’re recording, the better the definition and quality of your fashion video. If possible you should take this into account when you’re framing your shoot, and try to position yourself as close as you can.

It may seem counterintuitive – but don’t use the digital zoom on your camera to ‘zoom in’ instead of getting closer. Using the digital zoom will lower the quality of your video, which is precisely what you want to avoid.

  • Increase the camera framerate

On most video cameras you will be able to increase the framerate of the recording, and you should set it to 60 frames per second if that’s possible. Increasing the framerate will help to make the video smoother and higher quality in general, and on videos that have movement such as catwalk shows or fashion shoots – the difference will be evident.

Sometimes you may have to lower the resolution to bump up the framerate, and you should do so if that’s the case. As a rule a higher framerate will make the video look better than a higher resolution.

If you really want to make a fashion video that looks impressive, odds are you’re going to want to record multiple clips of footage and then compile it later. To do that you can use Movavi Video Editor as an AVI joiner, or to merge any other clips, trim out unwanted parts, improve the video quality, and so on.

Simply put Movavi Video Editor will let you process the footage that you record and transform it into a full-fledged fashion video. Its features will also let you add background music, apply filters and effects, add captions, include animated transitions, and improve it in other ways. By the time you’re done you should have a fashion video that has excellent quality and looks great.

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