4 Reasons to Choose Veneers Over Whitening

You’ll have plenty of options if you want to change the appearance of your teeth, and you might just find yourself forced to choose between whitening and veneers. You’ll pay more money when you choose veneers – in fact, most people pay using monthly payments instead of taking the whole cost up front –  but plenty of people consider them well worth the cost over a simple whitening job, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Veneers Don’t Stain

You can have your teeth whitened to get that movie star smile – unfortunately, those results won’t last forever. Your teeth will soon be stained once again, so you’ll probably need to have them rebleached in a few months’ time. After all, whitening fixes instead of prevents staining. Veneers, especially those made from porcelain, will remain virtually stain-free throughout their entire life, which is usually around 15 years. You’ll enjoy that stunning smile for over a decade without noticing any dulling affect, and that’s reason enough for most people to choose veneers.

2. Veneers Are More Convenient

Whitening isn’t too inconvenient since it won’t actually interrupt your life, but it’s still annoying having to wear those trays in your mouth while you sleep over a couple of weeks. Of course, you can choose laser whitening, but that’s more expensive and still involves routine trips to your dentist. Veneers are a long-term solution. Once they’re applied, you won’t need to think about them for years to come.

3. Veneers Provide a More Complete Makeover

The main problem with whitening is that only the shade of your teeth will be changed, and that’s usually not enough for a truly $1 million smile. The position, size, and shape of your teeth all need to be taken into account, and whitening can do nothing about those factors. In contrast, a dentist can use veneers to completely reinvent your smile.

4. Veneers Offer Ongoing Protection

Finally, keep in mind that veneers have benefits that go beyond the cosmetic. You’ll still need to brush, floss, and cut down on the sugary snacks to protect against decay, but the front portions of your front teeth will be protected from plaque and bacteria. That’s not a benefit you’ll get from whitening.

To discuss the benefits of veneers in more detail, get in contact with a dentist today.

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