5 Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now

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The wardrobe quickly gets boring if you don’t keep adding new clothes to it. I think the joy of shopping lasts only till wearing your new clothes for the first time. Then, it is a struggle for looking new every day with the same old clothes.

Don’t worry. Every fashionista must go through this trouble. But today I will be telling you the secret to a happening wardrobe. All you must do is buy some cool accessories and give yourself a new look. If you want compliments on an old outfit and are not afraid to try new things, this post is for you.

I will be focusing on accessories that you must add to your wardrobe right now.

Layered necklaces

I love layered necklaces. If you have the right necklace by your side, you will not need other jewellery. Though some chunky neckpieces can help you make a statement, a thin and layered necklace tells people that you are a fashion forward diva with nothing extra. I love necklaces in rose gold tint. It looks very cool and fashionable and works with almost every outfit you own. A deep neckline top with a layered neckpiece is everything you can ask for.


These little statement pieces are coming back in fashion thanks to our revisiting of the 90s and early 2000s trends. Lace chokers are hot these days. Grab a couple of these chokers to get an edgy look instantly. If you are wearing a crop top, with denim jackets, you need a great lace choker to match the attire. Wear it with chunky earrings to complete the look. I love to wear rainbow chokers too. These colourful yet classy chokers are perfect wears with dresses and less edgy fashion pieces.

Printed Silk Scarves

For days when I am wearing good old jeans, jackets, and plain tees, I prefer using a printed silk scarf. These scarves are usually printed in bright colours and have a very beautiful, soft touch too. The moment you add this scarf to your plain old outfit, it instantly transforms into a piece of art. Just a couple of these scarves will bring your boring outfits to life. Learn to wear your scarves in different ways to enliven your old outfits and make heads turn wherever you go.

Fancy Tights

I love wearing shorts but it gets tiring after a while to wear the same old shorts with nothing new to add in the mix. I buy fancy tights whenever I can. Whether they are sheer tights, printed tights, or extremely decorative ones, buy a pair of each. Wear them with shorts and skirts and see how an old outfit sudden comes to life. I love wearing sheer, decorative tights with shorts. They come in handy after a week of waxing (shh… it’s a secret) and makes your shapely legs look even finer.


Do you use belts? I know a lot of women who don’t. Belts can help you make your dresses more colourful and bring focus to your waistline as well. I prefer wearing thin and colourful belts with jeans and dresses. However, I often opt for thick belts and chunky buckles with light wash denim and light-coloured shirts to make my waist look better and bring more definition to my silhouette.

These were my accessories that help make my boring outfits turn awesome. What are yours?

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