5 Dresses Every Girl Must Have in Her Wardrobe

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A girl’s dresses are her best friends. They can define your best features, hide imperfections, and make you look like an angel or a diva. Though pencil dresses and minis are quite popular, I don’t think that all women can pull off their bodycon style. Therefore, I am bringing my take on 5 dresses that all women can own and look fabulous in.

A Little Black Dress

Every woman must own a little black dress. Draped perfectly to your curves, this dress can do wonders to your figure. Imagine an event where you need to look smokin’ hot, confident and dignified at the same time. An LBD is the right choice for you. Don’t keep it too short. Making an LBD too short or too loose just takes the magic out of the whole piece. Don’t forget to add statement pieces, stilettos and a beautiful gold belt to the dress. This is one fashion style, that never goes wrong.

A Little White Dress

The beauty of a damsel dressed in white will never fade. A knee-length dress, even if it is made of comfy cotton can make you look like an angel. Wear it with a statement head accessory, a long beach necklace, and a boho bracelet. Don’t wear heels with such a dress. Prefer to wear flats or other boho footwear. It will make your feet look amazing and give you a fresh and natural vibe. A white tunic dress is also a fabulous addition to your wardrobe.

A Skater Dress

I have never known a woman who doesn’t like the skater dress. It is cute, casual, and comfortable. The skater dress has evolved from the skater skirt and gives the right shape to any woman’s body. It fits snugly at your waist and flares down from there to give you a youthful and magnificent appearance. I love to wear these dresses for a girl’s day out and especially like the ones with beautiful floral prints. It doesn’t go wrong, ever.

A Kaftan Dress

I absolutely love kaftan dresses. They look cool with their flared arms and are super comfortable to wear. They can be worn for a casual day out and you can buy a kaftan dress for a great evening too. They look hot, give you a comfortable wear and never really make you want to check yourself in the mirror every 5 minutes. There will be no pulling the dress down every time you sit or stand. They just hang so loosely and comfortably on your body that walking, dancing and tiptoeing around town feels like a breeze.

A Sweater Dress

You will be surprised to know how many sweater dresses I own. The weather can get harsh here sometimes and I don’t want to feel too cold and uncomfortable in my short dresses. I opt for this classy and colourful sweater dresses and pair them with comfortable mid-rise boots. I don’t accessorize much with these dresses as they already gain attention with their cool colours. The best thing about these dresses is that they are stretchable. They never feel uncomfortable.

These were my choices for 5 dresses that every girl must own. How many do you have? Let me know in the comments.

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