5 Fun Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket This Spring

There’s this quote that has been circling the internet for quite some time – “I thought that my life would suddenly improve if I got a leather jacket … and I was literally 100% right”. Whoever came up with it is a style genius, because a leather jacket is one of those timeless pieces that suddenly make everything, not just your outfit, a whole lot better. And why wouldn’t it? It can be edgy, sophisticated, chic, casual and dressy depending on how you style it. However, there are three additional perks to owning one – first, it’s hands down the coolest piece of outerwear you’ll ever own, second, you’ll never be tortured by the ‘what do I wear?’ question, and third, it’s a timeless piece that will last you almost a lifetime, which makes it more than a worthy investment. That being said, if you’re still somewhat unsure as to how to rock it in a way that will make it versatile every time, stick around, because we’ve got no less than five amazing ways to make it work and make you look cooler than you’ve ever been before.

Try something new

A list of fun ways to style anything, leather jacket included, simply can’t begin without mentioning the athleisure trend, so this is our first suggestion. Not only is it fun, but if you play your cards right, you can turn you look into #streetstylegoals. You’ll need a pair of wide-leg trousers, or better yet, track pants with the trendy stripe down the side. Add a simple white tee, or one with a retro logo – we hear that Pepsi shirts are super popular now, but you can make the look even more fashionable (and meaningful) with a shirt that sends a political message – something like ‘we should all be feminists’. Transform your regular small crossbody bag into a trendy fanny pack that goes around the waist, throw on your leather moto jacket, and voila – a trendy athleisure traffic-stopping look. Now, dad sneakers are the trendiest shoe of de jour, so snag a pair and look both comfortable and cool.

Bring on the dresses

Whether you’ll be wearing a simple mid-calf floral dress on a breezy spring afternoon, or upping the ante with one of the runway queens – pastel and sheer dresses to a formal (or even romantic occasion), there is nothing that will bring an always welcome touch of edginess to your look like a leather jacket. You can wear it or simply throw it over your shoulders. Don’t forget your bejeweled clutch or micro bag, and, of course, literally elevate the look with a pair of dazzling ladies shoes – you can go with sleek and chic open-toe ankle boots or even satin pop of color ones; either way, you’ll look like an edgy princess who doesn’t need saving.

The perfect office look

Wide-leg pants and culottes have been the buzz words in the fashion world, and they’re so fabulous that they deserve the attention. Now, they’re both casual and office appropriate, but we know that the corporate attire can often turn toward dullsville, so in order to spice things up, tuck your bow collar blouse into your culottes, put on your favorite pair of pumps (to visually elongate your legs) and then throw on the mighty jacket on top. You can match the shoes with the color of the jacket or play with colors a bit – totally a judgment call.

Turn up the heat

Cut-off shorts will never go out of style, that much is certain. Now, for those crazy party nights (or even the festival season), put a stylish spin on the evergreen shorts and pair them with polka-dot tights instead of fishnet ones – they had a moment but now the moment’s gone. Tie an oversized shirt in the back – or front, for an extra cool effect and then, to get the baddest of the fun and badass looks, put on your leather jacket and pair of modern Timberland shoes, and paint the town not red, because that’s passé – turn it black and show them you’ve come to play.

The casual queen

As Carrie Bradshaw says: “Nothing’s casual anymore, not even when it says so in the invitation”. Yes, the old notion of the ‘casual’ look is to be let go of already; we all know that the new casual is as easy to put together as the no-makeup makeup look – there’s a lot of work involved. First off, you should know that the animal print is back, and we have Tom Ford to thank for that, so run to your go-to fast fashion retailer and flats and pumps in leopard print will be waiting for you. While you’re there, pick up a pair of those perfect dark wash jeans too (the latest trend report calls for dark and simple). Now, you could go with a tee or take a trendier and more fun route with a denim shirt in a matching color and then top the look off with a – you guessed it – leather moto jacket. You’re a casual goddess now, and you’re very welcome. P.S. Don’t forget killer eyewear and a great leather bag.

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