5 Shoes Every Girl Must Own- No Excuses!

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Diamonds are not a girl’s best friends. Her shoes are. Ask any woman and she will tell you just how much she loves her amazing shoes. If you are lucky, you might even see her shoe rack, filled with different varieties of shoes. I love to collect shoes. In fact, I often pair up one style of shoes with a dress and then another. This has helped me create my own unique style too.

However, we will stick to the basics today. If you are a shoe diva, check out these 5 types of shoes that you must own.


Buy a pair of black pumps for the office, casual events and even for parties. They can instantly make you look beautiful without gaining too much attention. I like nude pumps too. They go with almost any formal attire. Pumps add more length to your legs and make them look shapely too. I wear pumps every day because they look super-hot and are quite comfortable too. The heels make you feel like a diva and that is exactly what I like.

All-weather boots

Mother Nature is often furious and you don’t want to be stuck in rainy London wearing pumps. God forbid if you ever fall and need a hip replacement. All-weather, mid-rise or ankle length boots are your answer to nature’s fury. Wear them with any attire to look fabulous. They look great with a pair of legwarmers. Wear them with skirts, shorts and even a few dresses when you know the weather could play a little rain or snow game with you.

Flat sandals

Flat sandals are my go-to wears for girl’s day outs. We shop a lot. This means we go around multiple shops all through the day, stop over for lunches and then go and shop some more. I can’t do all this wearing pumps. A flat sandal with a super casual floral sundress is my outfit of choice for these occasions. Flat sandals do not hurt your feet and you can move around easily through the day. Plus, you can experiment a lot with colours and designs and extra accessories to pump up the X-factor in these shoes.


Will you be travelling or going grocery shopping? Wear a fancy pair of sneakers. They look awesome with jeans and are available in thousands of designs and colours. You can literally pick up one pair for every attire you own and still never regret your decision. The beauty of sneakers lies in their comfort. Plus, you can wear them all day long, play, skate, walk, dance, or even go jumping around the neighbourhood. Who cares, right? You and your sneakers are best friends and you love the fun.


You may get tired of wearing pumps to the office every day. Try to switch them with moccasins. They look cool and comfortable. If moccasins are not your choice, you can buy oxfords and loafers too. They all have similar advantages and look classy yet fierce. Not willing to go for any of these? opt for short stacked sandals instead.

How many shoe pairs do you own? Do you have all five of the above-mentioned shoes? Let me know in the comments below.

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