6 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

If you are yet to decide on your New Year’s resolution, then go through our article. It will give you ideas to come up with New Year’s resolutions that are good for you. We present six ideas to help you come out with New Years’ resolutions.

All these resolutions are practical and can be achieved. Once you make your resolution, ensure you stick to it. Have an action plan, so you can achieve the resolutions next year and be happier.

Some common New Year’s Resolutions

1) Lose weight

The most common resolution people make is to lose weight. Most people are overweight thanks to the sedentary lifestyles they lead and the abundance of junk food. Even if you are not very overweight, losing weight would be a good idea. You need to follow a healthy diet and also exercise to lose weight.

When you do this, it improves your overall health. You can also be fitter and feel good. Make sure you set specific goals. Set a target to lose a particular percentage of weight. Break down the targets for each quarter, so you are motivated to achieve them

2) Give up a bad habit

The second most common New Year’s resolution is to give up a bad habit. For most people this is smoking. Some people also would like to give up drinking or other habits like procrastination or being unpunctual. Whatever the bad habit you are giving up, set a clear goal with an action plan on how to do it.

If you are giving up smoking, you cannot do it in one go. You need to first reduce the number of smokes per day. Do this gradually, and then wean away using alternatives like chewing gum, patch, etc. Set targets for each month, so you will have a structured path to help you achieve your goal. Taking the help of a counselor will ensure you remain on track and do it properly without disturbing your health.

3) Improve your finances

Most people struggle with their finances. Very few people manage to save substantial money at the end of the month. Ideally, everyone must save 20% of their income for the future. But, most people are not able to do it, and they don’t even consider it a goal to set for the New Year.

 his is one goal you must set. Achieving it is not difficult. Start by making a budget listing out all your incomes and expenses. You can then slowly start to cut down on unwanted expenses. Setting goals for each month will help you achieve this. Also, try to find out avenues to earn more income. Doing this in a systematic way can help you save more money by the end of the year.

4) Learn a new skill

In the previous idea, we spoke about the need to increase your income. If you want to do that, you need to learn new skills. That will help you progress in your career and earn more. With a new skill, you can take up freelance work in your free hours and earn more. Even if you don’t want to earn more, learning something new is always good. It keeps you mentally fit.

As you age, brain functions slowly start to deteriorate. Being mentally active by learning new things will help you be mentally young. Take up an online course and participate in a workshop. Your new learnings will help you someday. Set a goal on what you will learn during the year and how you will do it.

5) Read books

The best way to improve your knowledge is to read books. It is not necessary to read non-fiction books. Even reading fiction helps you broaden your outlook. You can learn about new things and improve your language skills. This will definitely help you. If you are a student, reading will significantly help you in your academic performance.

Reading books is a great pastime that keeps you active. Set goals on how many books you plan to read per month or quarter. At the end of the period, write a review of the book you have read. You can start an online blog to share your review with others. It is a great way to connect with other book lovers.

6) Travel

Traveling is another hobby that helps you meet new people and learn about different places. Plan to travel many times a year. It need not be abroad. You can even travel within your state or country.

Set aside a budget and plan dates for your travel. This resolution will be one you will do your best to achieve.

Try out these resolutions and see which one(s) work out best for you!

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