From a young age we’re fed beauty tips whether it be from our mothers, grand mothers and sisters to seeing celebrities and TV adverts, so it’s no surprise that as we grow up we become increasingly obsessed with beauty.

But with a million and one beauty tips online it can be hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

Now, I’m no expert but I do consider myself a bit of a beauty geek which means I’ve tried and tested every old beauty trend out there, sampled the very best products and keep up to date with all the latest beauty news.

Take a look at some of my best beauty tips below and if you’re a bit of a beauty buff like me, get in touch and let me know your top tips and favourite products.

Invest in a Good Routine

From taking your make up off to cleansing, double cleansing and moisturising, you need to invest in the good, quality products to keep you looking radiant and keep your skin clear.

We all have combination, oily or dry skin which for each of us can be a nightmare but this just means you need to take extra care to ensure you’re feeding your skin the right stuff.

Drink, Drink, Drink

Any good beauty advice will always tell you that your skin is a reflection of what you put into your body. Drinking eight glasses of water will help you cleanse you naturally both inside and out.

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Always Use Heat Protection Spray

Our hair is incredible but you’re using heat products on a daily basis, don’t be surprised when your hair becomes weak and brittle.

Using heat defence spray makes all the difference and really does help you keep your hair healthy but I would advise not using heat on your hair too often and once a week giving your hair a good nourish.

Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Kind of gross to think about but your makeup brushes hold a lot of oils and bacteria not to mention clogged up product so I’d advise cleaning your brushes once a week to keep spots and bacteria at bay.

Prime to Hold Your Make Up

Giving your make up a base can be the make or break of your make up and if you want your make up to stay on all day/night then use a good primer to hold everything in place.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s only makeup and can be removed but experiment with colours, brands and different trends so see what suits you.


If you’re partial to ingrown hairs after hair removal the best thing you can do is exfoliate before hair removal takes place.

Removing fake tan can also be a tough one to crack as it ends up looking dirty, cracked and light but proper exfoliation both before you tan and when you’re removing it to speed up the process.

So there you have some of my top tips for conquering the world of beauty, get in touch with your favourite tips and trips.

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