How to Care for Your Fingernails and Keep Them Healthy

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Nobody likes broken, discoloured, and dirty nails. Going for a manicure occasionally will not make your nails healthier and more beautiful automatically. You will have to care for your nails just like you care for your face.

Many beautiful looks and outfits are ruined completely because your hands, especially your fingernails, do not look good. So, let’s forget about all the nail problems that we have had till date and start making our nails healthy from today. Here is all you should do to get healthier nails.

Cleaning your nails

Always use soap and lukewarm water to carefully wash your fingernails. You should also use a nail brush to remove all dirt and impurities from your fingernails and make them look healthier.  Regular cleaning of the nails is essential as it helps you in maintaining hygiene and ensuring that the nails grow quickly.

Use safe products

Buy only good quality nail polishes or get professional manicures done. Low-quality products often damage your nails and cause discolouration. While removing the nail polish, opt for acetone-free products unless it is a shellac polish. Your nail file should also be used correctly. Don’t move it back and forth to get the desired shape. Instead, move the emery board from the outer edge to the inner edge to get the perfectly manicured look.

This is not all. You should also use a base coat. Many women forget to apply base coats before the polish which could discolour their nails. A base coat will form a protective layer over your nail and make it harder as well. Hence, it will be wise to use it. Don’t forget to apply a protective top coat over your nail polish.

Supplement right

Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Biotin are needed for great nails. So, make sure that you are getting ample of these vitamins in your diet. If you are not, consider getting a vitamin supplement that could provide you with the daily dose of these vitamins. However, use natural food sources to obtain these vitamins as well.

Moisturizer and oil

You should invest in a quality moisturizer or a nail oil. They will keep your nails hydrated. Dry nails are not suitable for production use. If your nails are extremely dry and you use nail paints, they will probably become brittle or layered. To avoid this situation, you must moisturize your nails daily with nail oil or a moisturizer.

Nail hardeners and calcium gels

If you have very soft, weak, and brittle nails then hardeners and calcium gels could be of great use to you. Both these products work wonders in making your nails look amazing. They will become harder and stronger. Ultimately, you will be able to use great nail polishes without worrying about cracking and splintering.

Caring for the nails isn’t hard. However, we all fail to pay attention to them. Start caring for your nails today and you will them growing stronger and healthier. Using great nail polishes, create awesome looks, or simply make your nails your canvas and let your creativity flow.

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