How to create the perfect family dining room

Just because you have children, doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful dining space. With these helpful tips, you can make your dining room a warm and stylish place for the whole family

A family dining room has to fulfil many functions. First and foremost, it is a place where the family comes together, even if it’s only on special occasions, to enjoy a delicious meal in each other’s company. It might also double as a homework station, a home office, a play area, or all manner of other things depending on your family situation. So how can you create a space that is all these things, yet also a gorgeously decorated bit of interior design? Follow our simple tips below, and you will see how easy it is to create a dining space that is both functional and beautiful.

Choose your style

Before you set foot in a single shop, ask yourself: what kind of look do I want to achieve? Are you a fan of Scandinavian modernism? Retro chic? Elegant art deco? Bohemian shabby chic? Select a style that suits your tastes and think about how you will achieve your desired looks. What colours and furnishings will you use? What shape table would be best? Don’t forget to take the dimensions of the room into consideration as well.

Also consider your family requirements when selecting a style. A minimalist monochrome dining room might sound appealing, but if your dining table doubles as your children’s arts and crafts table, you might want to look into other options.

Do your homework

Any interior design website or magazine will contain dozens, if not hundreds of examples of every dining room design aesthetic you could possibly imagine, from rich, opulent designs inspired by Edwardian manor houses, to charming country farmhouse designs. All this choice might seem overwhelming, but researching various looks and finding out what kind of spaces they work best in could help you settle on something fabulous you might not otherwise have considered. You might find it helpful to create a mood board, either in a scrapbook or online, with different items, colour samples and textures that spark your interest.

Characterful tables and chairs

The dining table and chairs will sit at the centre of your dining space, so they should be something special. This needn’t mean spending a fortune however. Various repurposed and upcycled tables and chairs are available both online and in antique shops for very reasonable prices. They are just as attractive as the latest models, but are also unique and full of character. When you have young children, you want dining room furniture that is both practical and good-looking, with proven durability and made of easy-to-clean materials like wood or plastic.

If you have the space, you might consider a separate, smaller table for the children to eat at or play/draw at. Vinterior have an amazing collection of mid century coffee tables on sale, for example, and any one of which would make a perfect, durable  addition to an elegant dining space in need of an extra surface.

Make the most of the space

All too often, dining rooms are left to gather dust outside of Sunday dinners, Christmas and birthdays, so think about what you can add to your dining room to encourage the family to use it. A wipe-clean table cloth transforms it into a safe place to let the kids loose with paint and crayons, while keeping stationary, books and files on a sideboard or shelf could help it double as an effective homework station or home office.

Accessories and storage

Incorporating storage into your dining room is essential. If you regularly entertain, you’ll need somewhere to keep the tableware, cutlery and mats close at hand. If you are used to having full family gatherings, you can also keep toys, books and papers in the dining area ensuring that children feel welcome. An attractive sideboard is the best option, but if you’re short of space a chest of drawers, or even a table with drawers built into it could make an effective space-saving solution. Accessorise the room with beautiful artwork, flowers, a rug and ambient lighting to bring the whole room together in a single cohesive aesthetic.

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