Nico Cartosio Shows us the Beauty of Russia

Even if you’re not all that much into football, the increasing number of images coming out of Russia as a result of the imminent World Cup will probably have you seeing a lot more of the enigmatic country than you have over any period of time. That’s certainly the case for me, but in this particular instance I’ve caught a glimpse of the beauty of Russia through music – through the music of a certain Nico Cartosio to be more specific.


Need I say more?

“Snow Above the Earth – Requiem for the Tunes Unplayed” is the title of the track and the title in itself is one of the three layers of depth to the artistic experience you have when listening to this masterpiece. Beyond the title, the other two layers to its depth are indeed the cinematography and the melody, which is available on Spotify.

I swear – you could watch the video on mute and still have a hair-raising experience, but it is indeed a song first, ahead of anything else, so it is indeed all about the melody.

If Apple is more your speed then you can get it via Apple Music, otherwise I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who associates this melody medley with some music you might hear watching a Hollywood Blockbuster.

The beautiful pictures spotted as part of the video reminds me of those LP sleeves of the likes of Andreas Vollenweider, testimony to the sheer quality of the artistry on all fronts.

The classic theme which the genre of the song assumes is perhaps characteristic of the type of music you’d expect to come out of Russia, despite it being new music, so it’s rather refreshing to listen to some new music that has the makings of an instant classic.

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