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Getting dressed for the office is difficult. You want to look confident but not overly fierce. You want to remain dignified but don’t want to come off as old-fashioned. When it comes to office dressing, I like to tone it down and dress for success. Here are many office dresses, hair and makeup essentials that will keep you looking great throughout the week.

Dress for success

Shirts have to be your favourites when you are working a corporate job. Tuck in your pants, wear with a fitted blazer or create a fusion look with a fitted skirt. Shirts can do it all. They look neat and give you a more practical appeal too. Tunic tops and dresses help me feel alive on days when I have too much going on in my schedule. Other days, I prefer a comfy pair of pants. When I am feeling extra confident or want to show off my style, I prefer a pencil skirt with a loose fitted shirt top to get the supermodel look, effortlessly.

Hairstyles for office

When working in a corporate setup, you want to look good and confident. Your hairstyle in the office cannot be beachy waves from Sunday’s beach party. Ponytails are my saviours when it comes to office hairstyles. They are easy to make and give you a straightforward look. A bad hair day can easily be avoided with a ponytail. It goes with most of your office attire.

When I want to let my hair loose, I blow dry my hair straight. Then I use hair sprays to make my locks stay put. Fly hairs are the biggest problems in this look. Some mousse and hairspray are essential to make you look confident. I do not like to be too fancy with office hairstyle but throw in a braid every now and then for a fresh look.

Makeup for office

Keep the makeup minimal. It is always great to carry a lipstick and pressed powder in your bag to the office but if you need a touch up too often, you are doing your makeup wrong. Office makeup needs to be simpler and more subtle. Start with good moisturization and apply a good primer on your face. Apply a makeup base with light coverage and then finish it off with pressed powder application. You don’t need to do contouring etc. for office every day.

To give your look an extra edge, go for a winged eyeliner look. Don’t add too much of it. You can play with colour though. Blue is often a great choice in eyeliner. Lipsticks are mostly limited to lighter, matte shades that provide full coverage without the gloss. You don’t need excessive lip gloss for the office. However, a touch of red lipstick isn’t a bad idea. Don’t be afraid to rock a red lip in the office. Avoid colours like bright orange. They are not for the office.

If you are buying a new wardrobe for your office, these outfits and makeup ideas could help you look your best. Start shopping and let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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