Is Sugaring Better Than Waxing?

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Hair removal is a pain.

I use razors, epilators, epilating creams, and trimmers at home to make my unwanted hair vanish. However, I often have to rely on painful waxing. It is the only method that keeps hair away for longer. I must admit that I can’t bear the pain of waxing. Sometimes it causes rashes and redness on my arms and legs which just makes it a regretful experience.

I wish there was an alternative to waxing.

Fortunately, there is. It is called sugaring. You may be hearing this term all over now. Everyone is obsessed with sugaring. Every salon now offers sugaring treatments for hair removal and I was curious as to how this technique really works. I am sure most of you want to know as well. So here is the definitive guide on sugaring that you wanted.

What is sugaring?

It is a hair removal technique that uses a blend of sugar plus water. It is a simple paste that can be applied to the hair, just like wax. Then the paste is allowed to rest. It is then removed from the skin, taking unwanted hair along. However, one thing to be noted about this technique is that it is 100% natural and does not cause as much pain as waxing.

Sugaring will cost you almost as much as waxing but you should experience lesser pain. Plus, you can say goodbye to post-wax blisters too. It is not messy at all. The sugaring paste is made of water and you won’t have to spend some extra time in the shower, just to get rid of the solution from your skin. It will wash away very easily.

Is it better?

I have tried sugaring myself and the results are good. Sugaring causes pain. So, let’s not assume that it will be a painless method of hair removal like epilating creams. However, you must note that the pain caused by this process is a lot less. My skin is normal but I used to experience redness and even rashes after waxing. With sugaring, I did not experience anything of this nature. In fact, my skin felt a lot smoother. I applied a moisturizing lotion after sugaring and did not experience any acne as well.

Good news is that sugaring can be used on your face as well. It is painless and can remove excess hair with ease. I tried it with facial hair and it did wonders. People who are allergic to artificial ingredients will also like this method more than waxing. Salon staff often adds lemon and essential oils to the sugaring solution which provides a natural fragrance to the skin and help in removing tan.

Overall, I would suggest that sugaring is indeed better than waxing. I hated the pain caused by the wax but sugaring is quite comfortable. I will opt for this technique next time as well. I have recently learned how to make DIY sugaring paste at home too. I will share the recipe as soon as I try it and see results.

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