The only checklist you need for your dining room

Decorating the dining room can be tricky, so here are 14 items you may want to include


The dining room should be the most lavish and luxurious room in your home. This is where you have your chance to wow guests and let your décor shine, but on a day to day basis we tend to forget about the dining room — especially if you have a kitchen or are accustomed to eating in the living room.

So we think it’s time to reclaim the dining room and show it some much needed love. With that in mind, here are all the things you should consider including in your dining room décor in order to make it the centre of glitz and glamour in your home again. How many of these items can you tick off, and what would help you get closer to your ideal dining room décor?

The perfect dining table (possibly with an extension)

The dining table is the staple dining room item. It’s what the eye is drawn to first, and should be what the rest of your décor is centred around. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing a dining room. First you’ll need to decide on style, like vintage, modern or rustic, then you’ll need to choose a shape, like rectangular, square or round. You’ll also need to take measurements and make sure it fits in the space you want it to go in. An extendable table is a great option if you like entertaining but don’t have the space for a larger dining table.

Plenty of seating

Of course we’re talking about dining chairs, which should complement your table, but we also mean softer seating too. If you have the space, armchairs, club chairs or even a sofa can be a nice addition. This will make your dining room more inviting and more usable for activities other than eating meals.

A stunning sideboard

Next to a table and seating, a sideboard is arguably one of the most important additions to any dining room. A beautiful vintage sideboard, like the ones available from Vinterior, can really elevate a space and give you a fashionable yet functional place to store your other dining necessities. This is a staple piece of furniture which immediately sparks interest and conversation.

A display cabinet for your china

Many of us have china which we save for special occasions. Unfortunately, this means that for much of the year it remains hidden away. A china cabinet is a great way to make use of your china even when you are not actually using it. That way, guests can still admire it and it becomes a beautiful decorative feature as well as a handy piece of crockery.

A serving cart or drinks trolley

Including a serving cart or drinks trolley (or both) in your dining room décor is a sure-fire way to make it feel truly glamorous. Drinks trolleys are reminiscent of old Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, bringing all the glitz of the big screen into your home. Deck it out with all your finest drinks and be sure to include all the necessary accoutrements for making delicious cocktails. Again, a great selection of vintage drinks trolleys can be found at Vinterior.

A screen or room divider

Items like room dividers and drinks trolleys are strictly necessary for your dining room to function, but they certainly bring a touch of decadence to the space. A screen or room divider can help you create a barrier between the serving area and the eating, drinking and relaxing area. That way, your guests never have to see you fumbling to perfect their drinks and simply seeing you coming out holding a perfectly crafted cocktail.

Shelves… and things to put on them!

Now that we’ve covered the main furniture, it’s time to think about those bare walls. Shelves might not immediately spring to mind when you think of dining room décor, but they are a great way of creating space for you to put your favourite ornaments and accessories on display. These might be small sculptures, family photographs or even old books which your guests can peruse between courses.

A wall clock

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing the time when you want to know it, and — for women especially — dinner party attire often doesn’t include a watch. You don’t want your guests to have to get their phones out to check the time, as this can lead to distraction from the conversation, so be sure to include a wall clock in your décor.

Classy curtains

Curtains are another practical yet powerful accessory to factor in to your décor. Finding the right colour and fabric combination can really make your dining room feel fit for royalty. Compared to rooms like the kitchen or bedroom, these don’t need to be the most practical curtains you’ve ever purchased — just make sure that they look good and go with the rest of the room.

Appropriate artwork

Artwork instantly makes any space more dynamic and interesting, so be sure to include some stunning wall art in your dining décor. Think about what mood you’re trying to convey in your dining room — whether it’s traditional, glamorous, quirky or modern — and choose pieces which fit this theme.

A plush rug

Now we turn our attention downwards, to the floor. Whether your dining room has carpeted floors or hardwood, a rug is a great opportunity to inject some colour, pattern and interest into the space. If you’re going for a traditional, luxurious look then you don’t want anything too outlandish, but a subtle injection of colour could help bring your dining room up to the next level. Try to choose colours and patterns which draw from the colours found in the artwork and curtains you’ve chosen.

Fresh plants and flowers

Now let’s look at the smaller items you’ll need to include. Natural elements should be welcome in any space in your home, as they can add colour, bring freshness and boost your mood when you enter. Standing plants are a great addition for filling in any bare corners, whilst a colourful array of your favourite seasonal flowers is a stunning way to create a simple centrepiece for your dining room table.

Other centrepiece options

If you like the idea of a centrepiece but want something more permanent than flowers, there are plenty of other options you can go for. Candle holders are a simple yet elegant option, or you could go for your favourite sculpture. Even a bowl of fresh fruit for people to help themselves to during the day or after a meal can look fresh and bright. Or, if flowers sound perfect but you don’t want to have to replace them, you could invest in a bouquet of artificial flowers which can act as a permanent pop of colour for your dining table.

Guests to admire your hard work!

Now that you have everything you need to create your perfect dining room, all you require are the perfect guests to entertain! Be sure to arrange a drinks or dinner party once all your hard work is complete. Your friends and family will be thrilled to receive an invitation, and you will get to spend the whole night listening to compliments about your stunning dining room décor.

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