Top 3 Locations on My Travel Bucket List

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Traveling is not just my hobby. It is what defines me and helps me breathe. If I say that travel is like oxygen to me, I won’t be wrong. I have travelled far and wide but still have a few destinations on my list that I want to visit as soon as possible. Do you follow my travel blogs too? I am sure that you already know I love travelling to different places and learning about different cultures.

Here are the top 3 locations on my travel bucket list.

The Northern Lights

Natural beauty always gains the top spot on my list. I have always felt that nothing can be more beautiful than nature. The Northern Lights signify the magic in all of us. Ever since I saw pictures of these beautiful glowing lights in the sky, I have wanted to stand beneath them and just marvel at how awesome our planet is. This marvellous and unique phenomenon is the perfect way to remind you of the beauty of planet earth and feel a little more responsible for our home.

When I look at pictures of these lights, it feels like God is holding a heavenly torch up in the sky. It is completely ethereal. I will definitely go and see these lights soon.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

This island off St. Thomas is one of the most idyllic places to be in the British Virgin Islands. Take a ferry from St. Thomas to reach this place and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. I plan to visit Tortola islands after I go to see the Northern Lights.

I think it will be a wonderful experience to go to Smuggler’s Cover and Brewer’s Bay in this region. The Lambert Beach and Long Bay will also be on my list. Adventurous activities like windsurfing and kite boarding are available here in plenty. However, I will first go scuba diving.

If you like luxury cruise trips, then the British Virgin Islands is the perfect spot for you. If I ever have a month of vacations, I will cruise along these islands and stop by every beautiful spot I can find.

French Polynesia

Who doesn’t want to go to these scenic islands? This is one destination that features in almost every bucket list. Just look at the beautiful pictures of this island. I would love to spend my entire life here, surrounded by clear blue waters. Nothing could be as tranquil and bewitching as the blue lagoons of these islands.

In fact, the sunny days fade into bright night skies filled with twinkling stars. This could be the romantic journey of a lifetime. If you are getting married soon, choose this destination for your honeymoon, and don’t forget to feast on Poisson cru fish. The beautiful Polynesian sunset could be all that is needed to make this a trip of your lifetime. This is heaven on earth.

Have you visited any of these places? Share your pictures and stories with me. I will keep sharing more items from my travel bucket list and send travel inspiration your way.

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