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A girl and her makeup are always inseparable. I meet many women each day and all of them always keep a few makeup essentials in their bag. These essentials do not take hours to apply and with just a little dab here and a stroke there, you can look your glamorous best.

I am a makeup freak! I have a HUUGGEE collection of lipsticks, primers, lip balms, foundations, hair spray, nail polishes and more. I can never really get enough of makeup. But when it comes to the bare essentials, I like to stick to three makeup products. Here is my list of the 3 must have makeup essentials for everyone.

The perfect foundation for your skin tone

Finding the right foundation is a tough task. You always need to check your skin tone, your undertones, and even the occasion where the foundation will be worn. You should choose between light coverage, medium coverage, and heavy coverage. There are too many options when it comes to looking for foundations. My suggestion is to forget everything, check your skin tone, and just opt for a foundation that is one shade lighter.

My personal favourite is Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Skin. It gives your skin perfect coverage, doesn’t feel cakey, and provides a perfect base for your makeup. These little sticks are packaged like lip colours, making them easy to handle and apply.

A concealer that’s great at its job

All makeup fans know that using just the foundation will not likely make the cut. Hence, it is essential to buy a concealer too. Under eye concealers do a great job here? If you buy a stick variety, like the No. 7 Blemish Concealer Pen, you get a higher chance of spot correction.

Breakouts and slight pigmentations on the skin always trouble fashionistas. With the right concealer by your side, you can correct spots, hide all imperfections of your skin, and make it look blemish free. A matte finish concealer always provides greater coverage as it hides spots more efficiently. I use concealer under my eyes and around the corners of the mouth as well. These are tricky spots that often spoil a good face.

A lipstick for killer lips

What could be better than a great colour for your beautiful lips? For days I don’t want extra attention to my lips, I simply wear a tinted lip balm. It makes my lips look fabulous without add excess colour. On other days, I like to experiment with different shades of lipsticks. Again, the colour of lipstick you should choose depends on your skin tone.

I love red lipsticks but prefer darker and deeper shades of red. Tomato reds often go well with warmer skin tones. I have frequently used uncommon colours like blue, purple, and green on my lips as well. I think they all look fabulous as long as they don’t dry my lips and don’t fade away with just one coffee. With lipsticks, I opt for MAC. They provide the right coverage, the right colour and always make my lips pop up.

These were my makeup essentials. I also carry a good blusher and mascara in my bag to give myself an awesome nude look within 5 minutes. What are your makeup essentials?

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