“The World is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Only Read a Page”

Travel is something I believe everyone should experience and at all ages. I’ve found that as we get older, we become less and less attracted to travelling and seeing the world.

I’m only young but I do think of myself as a bit of a traveller and ever since I enjoyed a gap year before university, I’ve been well and truly infected with the travelling bug.

I’ve listed below some of the very best travelling destinations around the world which are loved and explored by those from all walks of life.


Thailand is the first country I travelled to on my gap year and it’s a country that I hold very close to my heart. From the people to the culture there is something truly remarkable about Thailand. There are many different sides to Thailand, the madness of Bangkok and party island Koh Phangan to the serenity of Ao Nang and Phi Phi islands there truly is something for everyone.

If you are heading to Thailand, I encourage you to enjoy as much of it as possible for an experience you’ll long to enjoy time and time again.


Yes, USA, vague I know but I find it hard to focus on one state you should visit.

From the picturesque and built up New York to South America’s beautiful Peru, there is a wonder around every corner in America.

It really does depend on what you’re wanting to enjoy and explore when you’re travelling to America but I assure there really is something to suit you.


Italy is a country that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

Filled with spectacular architecture, amazing food and the most wonderful and welcoming people, Italy should be a mark on your map if you’re hoping for culture. Located in Europe, Italy is best enjoyed as part of a bigger trip where you’ll visit Spain, England and France.


There is a reason why Singapore is one of the most loved travel destinations in the world. The culture is something a few may have to adapt to but that’s the whole point of travelling, to experience new things.

There is so much to do and see in Singapore, there will never be a dull moment.

My aim is to visit at this five new places a year, places I’ve never been and more often than not, picked at random by pinpointing a map.

Travel helps to expand your mind, encourages to meet new people and educates you in a way which no one else can teach you. The only thing I would say is to always stay safe so travel with a friend or group, let someone know where you are and check travel advice before going anywhere.

For the rest of it, take lots of photos, don’t hold back and just enjoy yourself and you’ll soon be infected with the notorious travel bug everyone talks about.